[Slow Death] is Jakarta based Mobile Bar.
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Private Occasion || Bar Setup & Operation.

- Next event on March 14th 2020 -

[No Man's Land]

Unlicensed | Free Party | Liberated Zone

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[Terms & Conditions]

  1. You are about to participate in an illegal action.
  2. Rave will be held in a secret indoor location. The address is obtained 3 days before the event in a very secretive manner.
  3. This Rave will be conducted without any permission from the legal authority.
  4. Organizer will not held accountable for any legal consequences that might imposed rave participants.
  5. All activities will be documented for the purposed of documentary.
  6. Due to Indonesian’s drugs law policy that is strictly prohibited to use any kind of illegal drugs, And to whom it will imposed legal consequences, so we are strongly advice all participants to take a full consciousness and consideration for all activities related illegal drugs used.
  7. No tickets are applied in this event, but donation is mandatory, the amount will be voluntarily depends on your willingness to support this event.

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